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A New Beginning Awaits

Where will you start?

What Drives You?

For Luke Horwatt, it was the stability and Geauga County lifestyle that the GCEO offers.

Luke Horwatt has lived in Geauga County for his entire life. He played kickball and baseball as a kid. He grew into a man here, and now he is making a difference here every day.

When someone told him the Engineer’s Office was hiring highway workers, it sounded great. Outdoor work all year round. No shortage of interesting things to do. A perfect job for a guy who wanted to contribute to Geauga County. In his interview, his integrity and passion for Geauga County shone through, and he was hired.

Are You Ready for a Change?

The GCEO is looking for our next Luke – is it you?

If you are looking for a job that offers you stability and a wide variety of activities to do, then the Geauga County Engineer’s Office might be a great fit. Hard work is rewarded here, and we take making the roads of Geauga County better seriously.

Luke found out that he is a vital part of what makes Geauga County a great place to live and that working at the Geauga County Engineer’s Office is more than just a job. If you are like Luke and looking to improve the community while enjoying the stable income that the GCEO can provide, apply today.

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As a Highway Worker you will be involved with snow removal, traffic control, crack-seal operations, guard rail & bridge maintenance, and work with light equipment, among other things. See full description here.